Report on Managing Global Health Risks

The Neglected Dimension of Global Security: A Framework to Counter Infectious Disease Crises (2016)

The National Academy of Medicine has just released a report by its Commission on a Global Health Risk Framework for the Future. It was my privilege to speak about innovation management as a component of this framework at one of the Commission’s workshops in Hong Kong last August.

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The report appropriately encourages the use of mechanisms to manage intellectual property and the pre-approval of clinical designs (Recommendation D.3). And it expounds on the IP recommendation to note the importance of having mechanisms for sharing data and reagents (page 76), but mentions material transfer agreements (MTAs) in the context of agreements involving manufacturers (vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics). I would like to have seen something about pre-approval of MTAs and data sharing agreements focused on the research community, which is a topic that addressed in my slides at the workshop in August. However, the report addresses a much broader, overarching set of recommendations that urge a global response to pandemic infectious diseases and every implementation detail couldn’t possibly have been included.

You can download a free pdf here — the report is very important and quite interesting!

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