What’s All This Talk About “Innovation Management”?

-- the launch of my new blog!

“Innovation Management” is a complex process that starts with research advances that could have practical applications. And then, for the ultimate benefit of society and various stakeholders, it continues with development that translates discoveries into commercial products.


This happens in a context of team work and collaborations, often with the academic community or other partners. It’s not necessarily a one-way street through traditional patent licensing, because the goal isn’t always just a hand-off from the lab bench, but, rather, an expansion of attention and resources, both internally and externally, at many stages of the innovation process. In the life sciences, this involves an interdisciplinary network of “specialists” in science, law, IP, marketing, regulatory, manufacturing and sales. The strategy component — half the name of this blog — arises when we select and manage a path to achieve the innovation’s potential value. But why should we talk about innovation management? I think it’s a better way to understand a “system” where basic research, clinical trials, intellectual property and marketing really have to interact synchronously! It’s an emerging discipline and the folks who find this blog are making those kinds of connections. More on this in later posts! And as Isaac Newton essentially “re-tweeted from the work of an 11th century monk” in 1676, we’re all standing on somebody else’s shoulder to see where we’re going.