The Part of Competitive Assessment About Clinical Trials

If you’re interested in evaluating a therapeutic product, your own or a potential competitor’s, and are new to why we do clinical trials and how they are organized, have a look at clinical trials at NIH and follow a few links for a high level overview. In particular, check out this page with a host of disease-related registries, through which patients and their families can find and share additional information and think about participating in clinical trials.

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When I’m undertaking a competitive assessment for a client, I usually spend some time on another website operated by NIH, which catalogs all of the clinical trials in the US. It’s called “” You’ll find it helpful to look at the guide to searching and do some of the sample searches further down on this page. For practice, I suggest that you choose a disease like “malaria” or a disease and a population, for instance “hepatitis” AND “children”. Or search the term “genomic” with any second medical term of interest. Then click through a few of the clinical trials that pop up, and get a sense for the kind of information that is available about the trials, particularly who is sponsoring the study and what “active pharmaceutical ingredient (“API”) is being evaluated.

To get more proficient with this data gathering tool, try searching for any other API or disease that is relevant to your own research or other interests! Then when you need to evaluate the competitive landscape for a disease of company or product, you’ll have have some “muscle memory.” These sites are some of the best sources of information about potential products in clinical development.

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