Video available online for the the National Academy of Medicine’s “Global Health Risk Framework” workshops

Here’s a link to the video of my panel about “Sharing of Data and Reagents, Intellectual Property and Liability” at the August 19-21 Hong Kong Workshop on Research and Development of Medical Products. (My presentation slides are available in the first related post below.)

Dr Yamada summary remarks

I was particularly fascinated by one of the closing presentations made by the Co-Chair, Dr. Tachi Yamada, presently at Frazier Life Sciences. He constructed a matrix to show challenges and priorities needed to prepare for the next global pandemic. Surely and sadly, Ebola won’t be the last of these. Dr. Yamada’s platform looked at potential diseases, incentives for humanitarian and therapeutic responses, discovery and development of treatments and their manufacturing and distribution. This was a masterful and very pragmatic yet granular overview. I’m keen to see the final report made later this year to the National Academy of Medicine and the World Health Organization!

It will take a planet to manage the complexities of on-site response and data generation as well as the pharmaceutical innovation and the delivery of the health care and humanitarian response that will be required. May we rise to the challenge!

And the videos from other sessions of this workshop (including Dr. Yamada’s concluding remarks) are all very interesting and available through the link above, as well as video from other workshops in the overall “Framework” workshops.

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